1997 Bentley Brooklands Free VIN Check SCBZF21C7VCH59203

Vehicle Information

Manufacturer Bentley VAG United Kingdom
Brand Bentley
Model Brooklands Long
Engine 6.75L V8 kompressor nizkogo davleniya Garrett without catalyst
Region/Plant Crewe United Kingdom
Check 7
Year 1997
Sequential number 59203
status OK


Body type Sedan
Number of seater 5
Length 5270 mm
Width 1885 mm
Height 1485 mm
Wheelbase 3061 mm
Front track 1549 mm
Rear track 1549 mm
Engine type Gasoline
Capacity 6750 cm3
Engine power 224 hp
Max power at RPM to 4 200 RPM
Maximum torque 450 N*m
Injection type Injector
Cylinder layout V-type
Number of cylinders 8
Fuel 95
Gearbox type Automatic
Number of gear 4
Drive wheels Rear wheel drive
Front brakes ventilated disc
Rear brakes Disc
Max speed 206 km/h
Curb weight 2485 kg
Fuel tank capacity 108 l
Valves per cylinder 2
Front suspension Double wishbone
Back suspension Strut
Max trunk capacity 410 l
Min trunk capacity 410 l
Cylinder bore 104.1 mm
Stroke cycle 99.1 mm
Turning circle 12.5 m
Full weight 2930 kg
Turnover of maximum torque to 1 500 RPM

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